The Grafted Life Podcast

Finding God in Suffering (with Beth and David Booram)

September 28, 2022 Grafted Life Ministries Episode 5
The Grafted Life Podcast
Finding God in Suffering (with Beth and David Booram)
Show Notes

Adam Ormord joins Beth and David Booram from Fall Creek Abbey in Indianapolis, Indiana as they talk about a deeply personal experience with suffering.

Suffering is unavoidable, yet, if we allow God to move into this space with us, great transformation often comes through our suffering. We can experience a deeper awareness of the closeness and goodness of God, and a joy that settles, even in pain.

Celebrating ten years of ministering at their retreat center, Beth and Dave share how God gave them the vision for Fall Creek Abbey. After years of ministering in a large church context, the Boorams encountered suffering as the catalyst for a new ministry and season of life.

Currently, their family is encountering the pain of their granddaughter's battle with leukemia as well as the recent loss of Dave’s mother.

Be encouraged by the honesty and gentle compassion we receive from one another, a gift from God, when we come to Him right where we are.

Resources Mentioned:

  • When Faith Becomes Sight by Beth and David Booram
  • Starting Something New by Beth Booram
  • Prayers at Twilight: Daily Liturgies for the In-Between Times by Beth and David
  • In the Shelter by Padraig O’Tuama
  • Hello to Here by Beth Booram

Quotes - “In prayer, to begin where you are not is a poor beginning. To begin where you are may take courage, or compromise, or painful truth telling. Whatever it takes, it’s wise to begin there.” (Padraig O’Tuama, In the Shelter)

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